Monday, 21 September 2015

Motivational tips

Hey guys!

A lot of people on Facebook ask me how I got started on my healthy/weight loss journey, and it is really hard to explain but today I am going to try. 
It wasn't easy in the beginning and it sure as hell isn't easy now, but there are a few things I do remind myself that today I am further than yesterday, and motivate myself to keep doing what I am doing. 
So without rambling on too much here are some tips I used to get myself motivated to start fighting the fat! 

1. Early mornings - I found when I got up early in the morning I was a lot more refreshed and less groggy so I was more likely to do something during the day

2. EAT BREAKFAST - I cannot stress this enough DO NOT skip breakfast it does not help you lose weight. Breakfast gives you energy throughout the day

3. Weight loss inspo posts - We all love Tumblr, but posts with skinny girls did not motivate me, however before and after weight loss photos inspired me to keep going!

4. Drinking water - I ditched the soda and drank water, I felt more alert and actually wanted to work out

5. Cooking my own food - cooking my own food ensured that I knew exactly what was going in it, I could make my own choice on what I was eating

6. New workout gear - No I am not talking about expensive Nike running gear, I mean cheap Primark work out clothes. New clothes = inspiration and motivation! 

7. Lists!! - Every night before bed I would write a list of workouts to do during the day, once they were done I would tick them off! 

8. Tip jar - I found an old jar and decorated it, every day once I had done a workout I would write down how the workout made me feel and put it in the jar. If I was having a bad day where I didn't want to work out I would simply take one out and it would inspire me to keep going!

9. Food log - Yes it's simple but keeping a food diary means you can log what you eat and keep track of how much you are eating. Sometimes it's easy to eat a lot and not realise exactly how much!

10. YOUTUBE - Youtube is a wonderful world, from workouts, to weight loss inspirational photos to delicious food recipes that you can cook along with. It literally has everything you need to get you motivated to start working out. 

11. Workout bank - Last but not least I created my very own workout bank with my boyfriend, his idea was that for every hour I worked out I would have to put £1 into a china money box, and if I complimented my self at all about my body he would put 20p into the money box...Sounds silly but it really works, I am learning to love myself and the more I work out the more money I have to treat myself to a new outfit when I drop a dress size!

So these are all of the things that worked for me when I first started my weight loss journey, it hasn't been that long since I started but hopefully with my own tips and this blog to help me out it wont be long before I get that outfit! 

Little Ren x


Sunday, 20 September 2015

My university worries

Hello guys! 

It has been a few days since I blogged, but between work and college it is just so hectic! But once I get into my routine I will start blogging a lot more. 
I wanted to talk today about University. I will be applying for a midwifery course on Thursday and I am very stressed out. It should not be that hard to pick a university, unfortunately it really is! 

So here is a list of all my worries about applying and eventually moving to University! Hopefully in the near future these worries will go away, but typing them down seemed like a good way to start. 

1. Which university do I apply for?

2. Should I choose all five options or just 3?

3. Should I stay home or move away?

4. If I choose to move away how far should I go?

5. What happens if me and my other half break up while I'm away at university?

6. Would I stay in halls, a house share or get my own place?

7. Would my other half consider coming with me?

8. Should I bring my dog with me? Or will I not have enough time to look after her?

9. If I stay home will I regret not moving away and becoming independent?

10. If I stay home will I be able to keep my job in Next?

11. If I have to leave my job will I be able to live off student funding?

12. What if I don't make many friends while I am away? 

13. What if I lose my old friends?

14. Will I miss my family and comforts too much? 

All of these are my main worries about University, it is mainly emotional and financial! If anyone else had these worries before applying for university then please comment and let me know how you got through it!

Little Ren x


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bath time bottles

When it comes to relaxing I am one for a nice long soak in the bath with plenty of bubbles surrounding me. But there are some things that are essential for me to really enjoy and de stress, whether it is skin products, body wash or bath soap there are a few things that are a must have at bath time!

Johnson's baby moisturising bath

Now it is true that this is supposed to be for babies, but I find it highly beneficial for my skin, and it leaves it silky smooth when I get out of the bath, so there is no need to moisturise afterwards. Since I was little I have loved the smell of Johnson's products, so I think maybe that is why I use it! But a few drops of this in my bath, and my skin is smooth and very moisturised, and it leaves an amazing smell that completely relaxes me!

Simple skin to skin shower cream

The simple bath range is one that I have loved for a few years, I especially love their shower creams. It leaves my skin super soft and depending on which shower cream you get, it smells so so good! 
I particularly love this product because the smells doesn't just die down after you come out of the bath, it tends to linger on your skin for a good few hours which is a lot longer than most shower creams I have tried. I also have very itchy skin, especially in the night, and I find that this products soothes my skin and I sleep a lot better because I am not constantly scratching! 

Palmolive anti-dandruff shampoo

Because I have very thick and long hair I have suffered most of my life with dandruff...not afraid to admit it and yes I hate it! I had tried many anti dandruff shampoos, and head and shoulders, however nothing I tried worked. Until I started using this beauty.
After a week of using this shampoo my dandruff was GONE! It contains all natural ingredients and it has left my hair silky, soft and dandruff free, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers the same as I do and it also has an amazing smell to it that anyone would be jealous of!

That is it for my bath time bottles but these are all simply amazing and they just be SIMPLE products and nothing fancy but I love them and I hope some of you love them too. 

Little Ren x


Monday, 14 September 2015

Up and running

Hello World!

As some of you know I created a blog a couple of months ago, but in my personal opinion it hasn't really gone the way I had liked it to! I felt that I wasn't showing what I could really write, and I believe that was because of my lack of confidence and self esteem. 

But after much thought I decided to create a new blog and I spend a little while customising it to a standard I am happy with at the moment, as my blog grows the design will too, but for new my new little blog is perfect! 
I love writing and I love sharing my thoughts and tips with people, so I am going to plan what I write a day in advance from now on so I can really read through it and decide if it is good enough to publish, instead of just throwing it out there. 

I love the blogging community, I have made some good friends already and I hope with this new part of me, I will continue to make more. The people I have come to know, I wanted to thank you for being so supportive throughout this (You will know who you are) and there are many people who have helped guide me through the blogging world, I thank you also!

So for now this is farewell, but I hope I can continue to progress and improve and hopefully help some others with their weight issues and make some really good friends!

You are all beautiful! 

And today my photo is:

Little Ren x