Monday, 21 September 2015

Motivational tips

Hey guys!

A lot of people on Facebook ask me how I got started on my healthy/weight loss journey, and it is really hard to explain but today I am going to try. 
It wasn't easy in the beginning and it sure as hell isn't easy now, but there are a few things I do remind myself that today I am further than yesterday, and motivate myself to keep doing what I am doing. 
So without rambling on too much here are some tips I used to get myself motivated to start fighting the fat! 

1. Early mornings - I found when I got up early in the morning I was a lot more refreshed and less groggy so I was more likely to do something during the day

2. EAT BREAKFAST - I cannot stress this enough DO NOT skip breakfast it does not help you lose weight. Breakfast gives you energy throughout the day

3. Weight loss inspo posts - We all love Tumblr, but posts with skinny girls did not motivate me, however before and after weight loss photos inspired me to keep going!

4. Drinking water - I ditched the soda and drank water, I felt more alert and actually wanted to work out

5. Cooking my own food - cooking my own food ensured that I knew exactly what was going in it, I could make my own choice on what I was eating

6. New workout gear - No I am not talking about expensive Nike running gear, I mean cheap Primark work out clothes. New clothes = inspiration and motivation! 

7. Lists!! - Every night before bed I would write a list of workouts to do during the day, once they were done I would tick them off! 

8. Tip jar - I found an old jar and decorated it, every day once I had done a workout I would write down how the workout made me feel and put it in the jar. If I was having a bad day where I didn't want to work out I would simply take one out and it would inspire me to keep going!

9. Food log - Yes it's simple but keeping a food diary means you can log what you eat and keep track of how much you are eating. Sometimes it's easy to eat a lot and not realise exactly how much!

10. YOUTUBE - Youtube is a wonderful world, from workouts, to weight loss inspirational photos to delicious food recipes that you can cook along with. It literally has everything you need to get you motivated to start working out. 

11. Workout bank - Last but not least I created my very own workout bank with my boyfriend, his idea was that for every hour I worked out I would have to put £1 into a china money box, and if I complimented my self at all about my body he would put 20p into the money box...Sounds silly but it really works, I am learning to love myself and the more I work out the more money I have to treat myself to a new outfit when I drop a dress size!

So these are all of the things that worked for me when I first started my weight loss journey, it hasn't been that long since I started but hopefully with my own tips and this blog to help me out it wont be long before I get that outfit! 

Little Ren x


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