Sunday, 20 September 2015

My university worries

Hello guys! 

It has been a few days since I blogged, but between work and college it is just so hectic! But once I get into my routine I will start blogging a lot more. 
I wanted to talk today about University. I will be applying for a midwifery course on Thursday and I am very stressed out. It should not be that hard to pick a university, unfortunately it really is! 

So here is a list of all my worries about applying and eventually moving to University! Hopefully in the near future these worries will go away, but typing them down seemed like a good way to start. 

1. Which university do I apply for?

2. Should I choose all five options or just 3?

3. Should I stay home or move away?

4. If I choose to move away how far should I go?

5. What happens if me and my other half break up while I'm away at university?

6. Would I stay in halls, a house share or get my own place?

7. Would my other half consider coming with me?

8. Should I bring my dog with me? Or will I not have enough time to look after her?

9. If I stay home will I regret not moving away and becoming independent?

10. If I stay home will I be able to keep my job in Next?

11. If I have to leave my job will I be able to live off student funding?

12. What if I don't make many friends while I am away? 

13. What if I lose my old friends?

14. Will I miss my family and comforts too much? 

All of these are my main worries about University, it is mainly emotional and financial! If anyone else had these worries before applying for university then please comment and let me know how you got through it!

Little Ren x


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