Monday, 14 September 2015

Up and running

Hello World!

As some of you know I created a blog a couple of months ago, but in my personal opinion it hasn't really gone the way I had liked it to! I felt that I wasn't showing what I could really write, and I believe that was because of my lack of confidence and self esteem. 

But after much thought I decided to create a new blog and I spend a little while customising it to a standard I am happy with at the moment, as my blog grows the design will too, but for new my new little blog is perfect! 
I love writing and I love sharing my thoughts and tips with people, so I am going to plan what I write a day in advance from now on so I can really read through it and decide if it is good enough to publish, instead of just throwing it out there. 

I love the blogging community, I have made some good friends already and I hope with this new part of me, I will continue to make more. The people I have come to know, I wanted to thank you for being so supportive throughout this (You will know who you are) and there are many people who have helped guide me through the blogging world, I thank you also!

So for now this is farewell, but I hope I can continue to progress and improve and hopefully help some others with their weight issues and make some really good friends!

You are all beautiful! 

And today my photo is:

Little Ren x


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