Monday, 12 October 2015

I won a competition!

Hello everybody!

For the last two weeks I have been rather down in the dumps, my anxiety has been quite bad and I have been unable to do the things I am used to doing. I was unable to work out like I normally do which resulted in me falling into a depression and comforting myself with all the foods I had banned myself from eating. For the two weeks I refused to go to college, meaning I had to have my work sent to me so I could complete it, all of this making me very miserable. 
When it comes to my anxiety not many people in my life understand and they just kind of disregard it as me 'being silly' but I suppose if they don't live with it then it can be quite hard for them to understand.

The things I do to try and make myself feel even the slightest bit happier about myself is read books, blogs, magazines and watch some bad TV...I also LOVE bubble baths!
So it was a huge surprise when I was checking my email and received one from Samantha Frances! I adore her blog and enjoy reading it so much that my phone notifies me when she posts a new blog entry. The email stated that I was a winner in her online competition and that I had won a book and a few make up items. 

Today I received the gifts and it has really put a smile on my face, 1) because I never win anything EVER!! 
2) Because she did it because she wanted to be nice...she wanted to make someone happy, and that she did!! 

Samantha made someone who feels unimportant every day feel the slightest bit happier, and that I really appreciate! I will leave the link to her blog below, and make sure you go and check out her beautiful blog :)

You are all amazing 
Little Ren xx


  1. This literally warmed my heart so much!! I am so happy that I was able to help brighten up your week and you being so thankful and kind has brightened mine! And it means so much that you enjoy my blog! I love yours too it inspires me to stop being lazy and work out and eat better! :) So chuffed I helped make you feel better and that you like the gifts! :) xxx

  2. I am glad it made you smile! Haha there will be more posts up soon, I am still trying to get used to this blogging world :) xxx