Thursday, 29 October 2015

I've decided to make a change

Hey guys!

I started this blog with the intention of turning it into a sort of weight loss diary for myself and also to inspire others who are in the same situation as me. As the weeks have passed I have come to realise that my blog isn't motivating at all, not for myself and in my opinion, not for others either.
So I have thought long and hard about my decision and I have decided that I am going to turn my blog into a simple lifestyle blog!

My weight loss isn't going as smoothly as I had wanted it to, and I feel that if I am not making any real progress then I don't have the right to give others advice, it wouldn't be ethical of me to give advice about how to lose weight if it isn't working for myself!
So my blog will become a place where I can share my feelings, tell you stories about something interesting that happened that day, and share my opinions on products or books, and maybe sometime down the line when I finally figure out the best way to lose weight that works for me, I will share that with you too.

I have met some amazing people these last few weeks and I am very lucky to have you all. Especially the ones who understand how it feels to suffer badly with anxiety, and understand that I cannot always confidently talk about it, but now I know that this is what blogging is for, to be yourself and share things you wouldn't normally share with others.

So this is just a simple change, and the change is to just be ME!

Little Ren x

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