Monday, 19 October 2015

My workout essentials!

Working out can be very....boring! 

Especially as a beginner, it can be hard to find the equipment to ensure you have some variety in your workouts. 
I too felt like this at the start of my journey and would get bored with the same old routine, which meant I never really wanted to work out! BUT after searching online and around the shops I found the best workout essentials for me and I would like to share them with you!

1. Kettle-bell - I have three of these of various weights and I purchased them for a reasonable price from Ebay. They are amazing for arms, and helping with the core muscles!

2. Dumbbells - Once again I have three pairs of these in different weights, I use them mainly during my arm days, which consist of various arm exercises for 30 minutes. These I believe were £25 off Ebay.

3. Ankle weights - I use these only for two things, I wear them when jogging or walking the dog, and I use them when I do leg raises on leg day. Using them during leg raises also works my core a lot harder getting both of the benefits. These were £5 in Primark

4. Skipping rope - Obvious reason, for skipping, I don't tend to skip a lot because of my weight and the pressure when jumping, I get shin splints, so if in the same position as me, don't skip for ages on your first workout! These were £8 from Primark

5. Arm strap - I use this mainly for jogging, it holds my phone and I can listen to my playlist to take my mind off how out of breath I am when running ha! This was another cheap item from Primark which was about £5! It has an adjustable strap so when you lost weight you can just tighten it, it also sits nicely under any jumper and on top of thermals

6. Earphones - No matter what workout I am doing whether its arm day, leg day or cardio I always have my music on! I tend to create a playlist for each workout with all my motivational songs. Music helps me keep my mind off the pain!

7. Lip balm - Cold or hot weather, I always run when I have the time, rain or shine it doesn't stop me from working out. However right now it is autumn going into winter and the weather is becoming more icy and cold! Therefore jogging in this weather takes its toll on my lips so I always keep lip balm with me to hydrate my lips to make sure they keep their moisture

Whenever you are working out make sure you ALWAYS have a bottle of water on hand so you can keep hydrating yourself. If you are a beginner and just starting to jog do not push yourself too far on your first time! Take your time and build yourself up or you will get injured.

I will be posting some of my workouts for specific body parts if anyone is interested, so they will be coming very soon! 

Little Ren xx


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