Sunday, 29 November 2015

Boots and Home Bargains Haul

Hello everyone!
 I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I had some mental health issues that I needed to sort out with myself before I could get back into writing. But I am better and I am back with my very first Haul post! 

I think I am going to make this a regular post because I had a lot of fun taking photos and it's nice to share my shopping with people! So without rambling on too much here is my haul!


Collection - Blush and Glow
Collection - Conceal and Light like a pro
Collection - Eyebrow kit
Collection - lasting perfection foundation (Porcelain 1)
Collection - illuminating touch (Ivory 2)
No7 - Eyelust mascara 
No7 - eye shadow blending brush
Garnier Micellar water
Palmolive - Shampoo
Sanctuary Spa - Cooling glacial scrub
Sanctuary spa - feather light moisture spray

Home Bargains

Wickford & Co - Mulled wine candle
Clearasil  - daily clear superfruit wash
Relax and revive - rose and lavender bath bomb
scent chips - mixed scents
Stationari - London notepad
Teeny tiny little milk bottle 

I don't know exactly how much each individual item was but I do know that overall my total bill came to around £60!! But for the stuff I have and the quality of it I really don't think it's that bad! 
This is only a little blog post I am still getting back into the blogging thing, it seems strange that even just two weeks of being away can feel like starting all over again!

You are all beautiful, don't let anyone ever tell you differently

Little Ren xx


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My life planned out

Some people can wing it in life without any real plan of what they want, they prefer to take each day as it comes and what will be will be. Others such as myself prefer to have some sort of idea where my life is going, some sort of plan so I can make sure I achieve what I want. I hate flying blind!

So I thought it would be fun to share my life plan with you, I have had this list written down since I was 17, I never put a time limit on any of them, if they happen then I simply cross it off! 

1. Go on at least one date with a guy I really like

2. Have a relationship longer than 4 months

3. Pass my A levels

4. Have driving lessons

5. Get a car

6. Pass my theory test

7. Pass my driving test

8. Get a temporary part time job 

9. Get accepted at university for Midwifery

10. Graduate

11. Rent my own house with my boyfriend (If have one)

12. Get a job in a hospital

13. Get pregnant after two years of being a midwife

14. Buy my own home

15. Buy a new car

16. Get engaged (Obviously I can't plan that)

17. Get married 

18. Have a honey moon conception

19. Have second child

20. Be the best damn midwife you can be and enjoy life with amazing family

21. Potentially emigrate to Australia and get a job as a Midwife 

Does anyone else have to plan out their life? Or is it just me? Obviously I cannot do it all in order because life throws obstacles at you and you can not fully predict what's going to happen and when. But this is what I would LIKE to happen, maybe not in that order but at 17 I thought I would have graduated by now and become a midwife already, that didn't happen but I am trying to get into university for a second time, and I like my chances. So it doesn't matter when it happens, as long as I try my best to make sure it does!!

Little Ren x


Monday, 16 November 2015

My lipstick collection

Hello Everyone! 

I have accumulated a few lipsticks over the years, some I chuck away but my favourites always seem to stick by me! These are just a few of my favourite lipsticks.

(Photos from first to last)

1. Avon - Rain kissed rose
2. Avon - Endless 
3. Avon - Bronze flame
4. Avon - Provocative plum 

5. Revele Eclat - Brun 
6. Revele Eclat - Caresse
7. No7 - Barley plum

I adore all of these lipsticks, and have always found that Avon do amazing ones. As you can tell I am more of a neutral/dark lip kinda gal! You can also see that I prefer a shimmery lip over a matt, but matt is growing on me I have to be honest. 

Does anyone else adore Avon lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!

Little Ren x


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Saturday Inspiration

Hello Everybody! 

Do any of you get inspired by something new every week? Even if it's something as simple as making you want to go for a walk, or tidy your bedroom? Then me and you have a lot in common! Suffering with anxiety can be a bummer! So for me finding inspiration is something I do on a daily basis so I can feel more productive throughout the week. Recently I have found that I am inspired and motivated by something or someone new every week, so I thought it would be fun to put these into a blog post, every week to share with everyone!

1. Girl Online/Girl Online On Tour

I know that the first book has been out for a long time, but after paying bills, rent and other essentials I never had enough left over to spend on luxuries I wanted, until recently! After finishing the first and second book within two weeks I really felt like I could accomplish anything! I find that 'Penny' is a character I can relate to on so many levels, and even though she is a fictional person, I see much of myself in her. If Penny can do the things she does with anxiety and panic attacks then why can't I?

2. Roman Atwood

(Google Image)

This week I came across this Vlogger in Alfie Dayes (PointlessBlog's) Videos. So I went on over and checked out this YouTuber who I have never heard of before, and instantly loved him! His motto Smile More makes it even better, I love that their little family have so much love for each other, and it just makes you want to smile, Roman always has such inspirational words to say and you can tell he adores his fans and gives them all the appreciation! The reason this vlogger has inspired me is because from watching his videos I have been able to smile more even on the worst possible days where my anxiety seems to be more difficult than I can handle. 
You can check out his vlogging channel HERE

3. Olivia Cheryl

The last person who has inspired me is a good blogger friend who I started talking to when I first started blogging about two months ago! Olivia Cheryl! I adore her blog and everything she writes about is always something I can relate to, agree with or just enjoy to read! She has helped me a lot when I have been feeling upset or anxious and I couldn't thank her enough for just being a friend. She was the first real blogger friend I had and I am very hopeful that one day we will meet up! Everyone should have at least one friend who understands what you go through and doesn't judge you for needing help! Olivia has a YouTube channel and a Blog and you can find them both by clicking on the links!

So those are the things/people who have inspired me to basically get up off my ass and do something! But also who genuinely make me happier and feel like I have one up on my anxiety! 
What inspires you to be productive? Let me know in the comments!

Little Ren x


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Childhood Memories

Hello Everybody! 

We all have those memories in the back of our minds, before the internet, before iPhone, and before we went through that horrible time at comprehensive school and puberty!! 
Childhood memories!

looking back on old photos really makes me smile, because it reminds me of a time where I didn't have to worry about anything, I didn't care what I wore, I didn't care how muddy I got, I wasn't a girl, I was more like one of the boys! My family has always been close to one another, especially on my mother's side, me and my cousins practically grew up next door so we always saw each other, and we were all close in age too so we got along amazingly!
My childhood was extremely happy, growing up with a big family, a close family, kind of makes childhood a lot more fun. your with someone all the time, and in reality they were your first ever best friends and you can never forget that.

One of the main reasons I do like to dive into photos of my childhood, to fearless times is because I think I am terrified of adulthood, they say in school that it is not only to help you learn but to prepare you for adulthood...I don't think that's the case at all! School doesn't how you how to pay bills, or tell you exactly what bills you will have to pay, school doesn't train you in money saving, or how to deal with the pressure of needing to know what to do in life. So sometimes I try and relive my childhood days so I can basically become a free spirit again!
(Wasn't I a cutie!)

One of the best memories I can remember is being over my cousin Georgia's house. Her dad had this little bunker type building around the back of his house, inside was a huge whiteboard and markers, as much paper as a child could hope for and lots of hiking equipment. Me and Georgia would call that our "Headquarters" We would pretend we were spy's who work for a huge undercover company and used to go on adventures in the garden! 
I sometimes wish I could go back to that memory just one more time! Where a rock was a bomb, a bug was a spy cam and glasses were night vision goggles! It seemed so simple back then, do you know what I mean?

Another memory of mine from childhood is Sunday's at my great nan's house. Me and my cousins Nicky & Nathan would go over and my nan used to have these glass animals that we were never allowed to touch! They were in this big cupboard and whenever the adults went outside for a cigarette we would quickly take them out to play with and put them back...To us back then they were like gold! The suspense of getting them back on the shelf in time was so exciting at that age, and we never got caught!

One of my most memorable times from when I was a child was my relationship with my Auntie Mandy, unfortunately she past away a few years ago at a very young age, my auntie was only in her 40's and a chest infection turned into pneumonia. She was the best person in my life, I could talk to her about anything and everything and she treated me like her own. She always gave me amazing advice and was there for me every single day. When she passed it really hit me hard, I had lost my friend, my mentor, and my role model so I do wish that I could visit those particular memories I have In a way I am glad I was a little older when she passed, because it meant that I still have those memories, If I was younger I may not have remembered her! 

(Me, Mandy and teeny Tiny Molly) 

What are your favourite childhood memories? 

Little Ren x


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

20 Facts about me

As most of my readers don't really know me, I thought I would do the 20 facts about me tag! 
I must warn you I am not that interesting but I'm going to tell you anyway (: 

1. My full name is Ashlee Renee Grove but I prefer the name Renee

2. I have been in and out of college for the last 6 years because I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life

3. When I was 2 I climbed into my dads scolding hot bath and fell in, I still have the scar on my leg but you can only see it when I have a tan! (Which is never)

4. I prefer my dog's company over people, she doesn't judge my life

5. When I was 9 my ambition was to become a spy

6. I still have the original hardback storybook of Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne. It's still in mint condition and I refuse to let my mum sell it!

7. Because of my family's military background, and the fact some of my relatives are still in the forces, any books or films that involve war stories I will watch or read! Fiction or non fiction

8. If a dog is in a horror movie I pray to all gods that the human die instead! 

9. I have 8 years of experience in Thai Boxing and got to my brown belt but then I quit, that's when I piled on the weight.

10. My favourite book series is the Demonata series by Darren Shan, if you love horror books then these are a must have!

11. I had 4 relationships in my life, 3 of those cheated on me, but I am lucky to still have the forth with me...Wouldn't change my batman for the world

12. Sometimes I sit and cry but I get confused because I have no idea what I am crying about

13. I have an obsession with peanut butter! Smooth not crunchy

14. The labrynth is my all time favourite movie!

15. Every Christmas eve I have to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol...It's tradition

16. I didn't learn how to do make up until I was 15

17. I suffer with anxiety and panic disorder, it gets worse if I feel like I am in an uncomfortable situation

18. I was on Got To Dance with my old street dance team...We didn't get through

19. The very first YouTube video star I watched Was Danisnotonfire 

20. My life goal is to become a midwife

These are my 20 facts about me! Not very interesting I know but this is my life! I do hope to become more interesting in the future! 

Little Ren xxx

Monday, 9 November 2015

Story Time : I'm feeling optimistic

Hello Everyone!

When I first started blogging I was adamant I wasn't going to be a blogger who broadcasts her feelings, life, personal stuff etc! But as I have been blogging for about two months now, I know that story time blogging is a must have part of my blog...because it's who I am!
Sorry for the readers who don't like lifestyle posts and prefer reviews and such, but it's what makes my blog mine, and if you don't like it don't read it...I'm sure there are thousands of other blogs you could read with topic related posts! x

Anyway This morning I woke up feeling super anxious, reason being I had a biology exam today, and after a LOT of revision but no memory I was sure I would fail! From 9:30 this morning until 1pm I crammed in as much revision as I possibly could. Looking over at my classmates who were chatting instead of revising I thought to myself "Omg! They must be super confident, what if I am the only one who needs to revise? What if they already know everything and I will be the one to fail?"
My brain does that to me more often than I like to admit, all day I was thinking that if I was the only person revising, then obviously I was going to be the only person who would struggle in the exam. Does anyone else ever get that feeling?

Our exam started at 1.05pm, our lecturer told us to get some fresh air for five minutes since it was a two hour exam and to grab a bottle of water or whatever else and return to the class room. Five minutes went by way too quick in my opinion.
After some last minute skim reading, and some very dee breaths! The exam started.

My anxiety plummeted as I opened the papers expecting the worst possible questions that I would be unable to understand or write! The kind of questions you can answer in your head but not on paper, so you end up writing some random shit and you can't even understand your own writing! Being an anxious person I started to panic so downed almost a full bottle of water. Finally I look at the first question...Oh I know this

Second Question: Oh thank god I revised this today!

Third Question: OMG I can actually label everything in the heart...How is this happening?

forth, fifth, sixth etc.....

I knew the answers to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!!

After spending the first hours spilling my brain out all over the paper, I stopped to uncramp my hand and had a quick glimpse around the classroom...I could see some people shaking their heads, staring at the same question for Ten minutes, and some just tapping their pens on the table...Obviously they underestimated the power of revision, and in some sort of selfish way, I felt good about that! Who is the foolish one now? And why was I even worried. I could see some people handing in their papers with some questions going unanswered, and at that point I felt pretty damn optimistic that I had passed this exam. And it just goes to show that even if you think you know something you should still revise just in case!

So today overall has been a very good day, now I just need to sort out an assignment that needs to be in on Thursday and I am set for this week! I think I will do just fine!

If anyone has exams or coursework or even mocks, don't stress about them! Just make sure you revise and you will be fine...and remember deep breaths!

Little Ren xxx


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Belle of the Ball

Hello Everyone!

I am once again procrastination away from revision to write another blog post! I have an exam tomorrow morning, I should be worried but I'm not (oops).
If you follow me on instagram, you will know that I upload a LOT of photos of Belle, my four year old boxer dog. A lot of people think that a dog is just a dog, but to me she is family. 
Before I was 18, my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, at first I really wanted a huge party at a nightclub, with a massive cake and enough alcohol to drown Wales. But after a while, seeing how my mum bonded with our older Boxer KO (R.I.P Big bear) I really wanted a bond like them, so I asked my parents if it was possible to get a puppy. They thought about it for a while, but eventually they said yes, YAY I am getting a puppy...But what puppy do I want? I used to have 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but my mum said that after the last two we wouldn't have another because they were loved so much that they could never be replaced...understandable.
Then I was thinking of a pug, but I really wanted a medium to large sized dog! I am not a little dog person at all! 

My boyfriend at the time had a friend who's grandparents bred boxer puppies....of course! Why I didn't think of having another boxer is just beyond me! But I eventually said to my mother that I wanted a white boxer puppy, and she agreed. We went to meet the puppies and I was so excited I almost threw up! There were five white boxer puppies and one little one called Patsy caught my eye, she had a little black patch on her ear and eye and she was beautiful, but even though I really wanted her, I didn't feel an immediate bond that my mother said she felt when choosing KO, I didn't know what was wrong, but I wasn't super excited to bring her home, I found it strange.

Once I had picked my white puppy, my mother had asked if she could see the other puppies, the man agreed and brought in six red and white boxer puppies and they were beautiful! But there was one puppy that I couldn't take my eyes off, her name was rosie, she was all red with a little white face, a white tip on her tail and a tiny little white tip on her tail, she wiggled over to me and started biting my shoe, so I picked her up, I had her at eye level, and she just stared at me. At that moment my belly went all funny and I started crying (Don't ask me why) But the man walked over to me and said "If you cry over a puppy, that puppy should be going home with you". 

so she did! I renamed her Belle (Pedigree name being Belle of the Ball) and ever since we have been inseparable, she has helped me with my anxiety and helped me over come the panic attacks loads of times, she is big and beautiful, goofy and sweet and I wouldn't change her for the world. For all of the people who say "It's just a dog" has obviously never felt the love of something that loves you more than it loves itself! 

So here a few photos of me and Bing Bong! I'm sorry this was such a soppy post over a dog, but I felt that since she is such an important person in my life, she deserves a mention! 


This photo is of Belle and KO, he unfortunately passed away two months ago and I will never forget the amazing 10 years I had him! Love you big bear!

Little Ren xxx


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Autumn park walk

You know how yesterday, I was worried about my relationship, and I felt that maybe Batman didn't love me as much as he once did? I think I was being paranoid. Today he has shown me how much he truly cares. 

Sometimes it's the smallest things in life that can change the way we think, the way we feel, and today Batman showed me that he loves me, just by a simple stroll in the park.

Today he has danced with me foolishly to our song in the kitchen while making me tea, he has told me i'm beautiful and told me to get dressed warm because we were taking Belle to the park and were going to take some memorable photos. We came home and he cooked me food, and is currently running me a bath.

Maybe I wasn't paying attention much? Or maybe I was having a down day and thought that I was loosing him? Or maybe we just needed something as simple as a stroll in the icy wind to get our spark back. I will link some of the photos below, but some of them I wish to keep to myself and keep private. 

Little Ren xxx

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Max Factor Miracle Match foundation

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to take a break from my college work because if I have to look at one more reference list I will most likely explode!
So I have decided to write a blog post YAAAY!

I am the type of person who uses the same foundation over and over again, and the one I normally use is the Max Factor Face Finity, 3 in 1 foundation, this is a product I have used over and over again for about 4 years now, and I never normally stray from it. 
I was in boots the other day looking for my foundation when I spotted a different one, it was a max factor brand and even though I normally hate trying new things I decided what the hell?

So I picked up the Max Factor, Miracle Match Foundation instead and decided to give it a whirl. The first thing I noticed about this product was the packaging, normally foundations can be very boring, and some of them look the same, but this really caught my eye, the words were highlighted in gold and the pump was black and gold, it looked very pleasing for a foundation, which is why it caught my eye!

The one thing I love about this is that it has a pump, I love these because it's so easy to tell how much foundation I am applying! I tried using this foundation with a foundation brush and did NOT get the results I wanted, it seemed very hard to apply and it didn't seem to stick to my face, so I thought this foundation may be a bust..until I used it with a beauty blender, then the results I saw were totally different! With very little foundation I saw that I was getting full coverage, which is fantastic if you don't like having a face full of heavy foundation, it was very light to apply. 

The other thing I loved about this foundation was that there was no massive shine to it, normally I use powder to take the shine away from my face, but with this foundation I didn't have to do that! Because you only need very little for a full coverage it lasts a lot longer than my other foundations! It is also very easy to clean off with a make up wipe! 

I have definitely found my new foundation and I recommend it to anyone who is in need of something new! You can purchase this foundation HERE

What is your favourite foundation to use? Let me know in the comments 

Little Ren xxx


Friday, 6 November 2015

How do you know when it's the end of the line?

Me and Batman have been together for three years now, and although it's not as long as most people I know, it's still a pretty long time! 

The only problem I am having is that lately thing's have been a bit slow, for the first 2 years everything was amazing, we would go on date nights, and every time we would go somewhere different, he would always tell me how beautiful I am. When he looked at me I could tell that he loved me, but now when he looks at me I'm not sure what I see. 

I don't know whether it's because we moved in together that he isn't making such an effort any more because he sees me all the time? 
Or maybe it's just me being paranoid, I mean obviously things are going to change when the relationship progresses, but I didn't think that the romance would change. 

Now, he is too tired to do anything, we go on dates in the same places, and he more preoccupied with playing games on his phone, than cuddling up with a movie. (I'm a sucker for cuddles).
 (Sorry to go into woman details) but when its THAT TIME every month, he used to buy me chocolates, run me a bath, rub my belly and make me a hot water bottle, he would play our song (A Thousand years by Christina perry) on repeat and play with my hair until I fell asleep. 

Now when I have that time, he tells me there isn't anything he can do to help, and makes jokes about being on HIS period all the time, as if it is some kind of joke when I have mine?? He tells me that the pain can't be that bad, and its a chore if I ask him to rub my stomach. 

The thing is, no matter what he may do, I still get butterflies when he kisses me, and I still laugh at his jokes, and I still can't go more than a day without him being here, so when he has a 13 hour shift, I pine for him. 

But can I push all the down points in the back of my mind and get on with it? Or would that just be lying to myself?

Is this the beginning of the inevitable end? 

Or can I fix this?

Little Ren xxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Starbucks experience

Good evening everyone! Hope you are all well! 

I LOVE coffee, always have and most likely always will, but before I bet my batman Daniel, I had always just bought coffee granules in a jar from the local shop and made my own simple coffee. On mine and Dan's first date he took me to Starbucks, when he asked me what I wanted I really wasn't sure because I had never experienced the different blends or flavours of coffee, so I told him to surprise me, he brought me a hazelnut mocha with soy milk...I instantly fell in love! 
Every date from then onward started with a Starbucks, where each time I would try something different. It's safe say there is a special place in my heart for that little coffee shop in Swansea, but it isn't just the coffee I fell in love with, it was the staff. 
Sometimes in this world it is hard to find extremely good customer service, yes they may do their job, and be polite, but that is where the line usually stops. I got that, and a lot more from Starbucks Swansea, Okay so maybe I wouldn't invite any of the girls over for a sleepover, and maybe Dan wouldn't have a night out with the boys in there, but there is friendship there that I don't have with any other store I am a regular customer at. From the first day Dan introduced me as his girlfriend, to walking in there on my own and them not having to know my name, I know that I have a good relationship with them, and I wouldn't change it for the world 

As a regular customer there for 3 years now, there are little things that have I have noticed that make me love this coffee shop, they know my name for a start and I always get asked how I have been, they also know that I have a dog, so they ask if she has been behaving lately which is always good to bring up a conversation. Every time I ask for a takeaway paper cup, two of the girls who I see working there regularly I think their names are Charlotte and Molly, always draws a heart on my cup and even though it is something small it really puts a smile on my face. Another staff member Kieran always has a smile on his face and always makes me laugh with strange little doodles of batman and cat woman on our cups (As you can tell we really love Batman!) And last but not least Steve! The person who is always happy to see everybody! He always says a friendly hello, and always asks me how Dan is (if he is not with me) and vise versa if I am not with him. When he makes my drink and hands it over to me he always says lovely little things like "There we go sweetheart" and even though it is only little, it really makes me happy to be a customer there! These people really make the place what it is, a cosy friendly, and comfortable environment, which for someone like me who suffers with anxiety is always a bonus!

Today while we were in there, the staff at Starbucks Swansea had produced a gift, that they had decided they wanted to give to Dan, for being such a loyal customer. I know that all the Starbucks companies most likely do it for some of their loyal customers, but it still shows that friendliness and conversation goes a long way when working for an important company! 

The little hamper consists of a beautiful Christmas Starbucks mug with candy cane handle (I obviously taxed this lol) A Cinnamon spiced chocolate bar, a candy cane and a bag of their new Christmas blend that smells undeniably incredible!! 
I am so proud that I am a customer at Starbucks Swansea, and I think they deserve a lot more credit because of how great they are to their customers! They have been incredible friends over the past three years and I will always go there for my coffee! 

Little Ren xxx


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I had the ultimate chop!

Hello everyone! Sorry this is a late post but today has just been super busy but I have finally found the time to do it!
Anyway how have you all been? Good! 
Some of you may know that I had super long hair down to my bum. When I was 9 I had a bob cut, and I hated it, so my mum agreed to let me grow it out...and it kept growing! It has been growing ever since that day so 13 years later you can imagine how long it was! I will give you a example! 
(This is how long my hair was, in a ponytail on top of my head!!!)
I got to a point where it was so long and so thick, that it was just IMPOSSIBLE to maintain it! washing, brushing, drying and straightening, took hours on end and I could never style it! If I straightened it, it would go wavy, if I curled it, they would falls straight! I tried putting it into a bun, it would fall out because it was so heavy, and if I left it down it would just get in the way, and SHED! TERRIBLY! 
So one night I just couldn't get the tangles out of my hair when I started crying, I just wanted to chop it all off, when I thought...Well? Why don't I?? I started looking for short hairstyles and mid length hair styles and the thought of losing my hair was turning my stomach no matter how much I hated it, I was still attached. Until I saw a post on instagram,..A 6 year old girl had cut her hair and donated it to a Charity called "The Little Princess Trust" I found out that they make real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair through diseases such as cancer. right there and then I decided, I had to do this!

So I decided to do it and....

12 inches gone from my head! I must admit I did cry (a lot) but I knew deep down that I was doing a good thing for an amazing charity. And actually I love my new hair! 
It is a lot shorter than I am used to but I have fallen in love with this new style! And I have a lot of happiness being able to help a little girl get a wig. I have also managed to raise at least £120 for the charity and I will continue to help charities in the future! Most of my donations have come from sponsors offline but people can also donate online! If you wanted to donate online then you can do that HERE.

So that is just a brief update on what I have been up to! If you wanted to know more about the charity then you can do that here. Have any of you donated to charities? If so what fundraising activities did you do? I would love to know which charities you are all passionate about! Let me know in the comments :)

Little Ren xxx