Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Childhood Memories

Hello Everybody! 

We all have those memories in the back of our minds, before the internet, before iPhone, and before we went through that horrible time at comprehensive school and puberty!! 
Childhood memories!

looking back on old photos really makes me smile, because it reminds me of a time where I didn't have to worry about anything, I didn't care what I wore, I didn't care how muddy I got, I wasn't a girl, I was more like one of the boys! My family has always been close to one another, especially on my mother's side, me and my cousins practically grew up next door so we always saw each other, and we were all close in age too so we got along amazingly!
My childhood was extremely happy, growing up with a big family, a close family, kind of makes childhood a lot more fun. your with someone all the time, and in reality they were your first ever best friends and you can never forget that.

One of the main reasons I do like to dive into photos of my childhood, to fearless times is because I think I am terrified of adulthood, they say in school that it is not only to help you learn but to prepare you for adulthood...I don't think that's the case at all! School doesn't how you how to pay bills, or tell you exactly what bills you will have to pay, school doesn't train you in money saving, or how to deal with the pressure of needing to know what to do in life. So sometimes I try and relive my childhood days so I can basically become a free spirit again!
(Wasn't I a cutie!)

One of the best memories I can remember is being over my cousin Georgia's house. Her dad had this little bunker type building around the back of his house, inside was a huge whiteboard and markers, as much paper as a child could hope for and lots of hiking equipment. Me and Georgia would call that our "Headquarters" We would pretend we were spy's who work for a huge undercover company and used to go on adventures in the garden! 
I sometimes wish I could go back to that memory just one more time! Where a rock was a bomb, a bug was a spy cam and glasses were night vision goggles! It seemed so simple back then, do you know what I mean?

Another memory of mine from childhood is Sunday's at my great nan's house. Me and my cousins Nicky & Nathan would go over and my nan used to have these glass animals that we were never allowed to touch! They were in this big cupboard and whenever the adults went outside for a cigarette we would quickly take them out to play with and put them back...To us back then they were like gold! The suspense of getting them back on the shelf in time was so exciting at that age, and we never got caught!

One of my most memorable times from when I was a child was my relationship with my Auntie Mandy, unfortunately she past away a few years ago at a very young age, my auntie was only in her 40's and a chest infection turned into pneumonia. She was the best person in my life, I could talk to her about anything and everything and she treated me like her own. She always gave me amazing advice and was there for me every single day. When she passed it really hit me hard, I had lost my friend, my mentor, and my role model so I do wish that I could visit those particular memories I have In a way I am glad I was a little older when she passed, because it meant that I still have those memories, If I was younger I may not have remembered her! 

(Me, Mandy and teeny Tiny Molly) 

What are your favourite childhood memories? 

Little Ren x


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