Friday, 6 November 2015

How do you know when it's the end of the line?

Me and Batman have been together for three years now, and although it's not as long as most people I know, it's still a pretty long time! 

The only problem I am having is that lately thing's have been a bit slow, for the first 2 years everything was amazing, we would go on date nights, and every time we would go somewhere different, he would always tell me how beautiful I am. When he looked at me I could tell that he loved me, but now when he looks at me I'm not sure what I see. 

I don't know whether it's because we moved in together that he isn't making such an effort any more because he sees me all the time? 
Or maybe it's just me being paranoid, I mean obviously things are going to change when the relationship progresses, but I didn't think that the romance would change. 

Now, he is too tired to do anything, we go on dates in the same places, and he more preoccupied with playing games on his phone, than cuddling up with a movie. (I'm a sucker for cuddles).
 (Sorry to go into woman details) but when its THAT TIME every month, he used to buy me chocolates, run me a bath, rub my belly and make me a hot water bottle, he would play our song (A Thousand years by Christina perry) on repeat and play with my hair until I fell asleep. 

Now when I have that time, he tells me there isn't anything he can do to help, and makes jokes about being on HIS period all the time, as if it is some kind of joke when I have mine?? He tells me that the pain can't be that bad, and its a chore if I ask him to rub my stomach. 

The thing is, no matter what he may do, I still get butterflies when he kisses me, and I still laugh at his jokes, and I still can't go more than a day without him being here, so when he has a 13 hour shift, I pine for him. 

But can I push all the down points in the back of my mind and get on with it? Or would that just be lying to myself?

Is this the beginning of the inevitable end? 

Or can I fix this?

Little Ren xxx

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