Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My life planned out

Some people can wing it in life without any real plan of what they want, they prefer to take each day as it comes and what will be will be. Others such as myself prefer to have some sort of idea where my life is going, some sort of plan so I can make sure I achieve what I want. I hate flying blind!

So I thought it would be fun to share my life plan with you, I have had this list written down since I was 17, I never put a time limit on any of them, if they happen then I simply cross it off! 

1. Go on at least one date with a guy I really like

2. Have a relationship longer than 4 months

3. Pass my A levels

4. Have driving lessons

5. Get a car

6. Pass my theory test

7. Pass my driving test

8. Get a temporary part time job 

9. Get accepted at university for Midwifery

10. Graduate

11. Rent my own house with my boyfriend (If have one)

12. Get a job in a hospital

13. Get pregnant after two years of being a midwife

14. Buy my own home

15. Buy a new car

16. Get engaged (Obviously I can't plan that)

17. Get married 

18. Have a honey moon conception

19. Have second child

20. Be the best damn midwife you can be and enjoy life with amazing family

21. Potentially emigrate to Australia and get a job as a Midwife 

Does anyone else have to plan out their life? Or is it just me? Obviously I cannot do it all in order because life throws obstacles at you and you can not fully predict what's going to happen and when. But this is what I would LIKE to happen, maybe not in that order but at 17 I thought I would have graduated by now and become a midwife already, that didn't happen but I am trying to get into university for a second time, and I like my chances. So it doesn't matter when it happens, as long as I try my best to make sure it does!!

Little Ren x


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