Saturday, 14 November 2015

Saturday Inspiration

Hello Everybody! 

Do any of you get inspired by something new every week? Even if it's something as simple as making you want to go for a walk, or tidy your bedroom? Then me and you have a lot in common! Suffering with anxiety can be a bummer! So for me finding inspiration is something I do on a daily basis so I can feel more productive throughout the week. Recently I have found that I am inspired and motivated by something or someone new every week, so I thought it would be fun to put these into a blog post, every week to share with everyone!

1. Girl Online/Girl Online On Tour

I know that the first book has been out for a long time, but after paying bills, rent and other essentials I never had enough left over to spend on luxuries I wanted, until recently! After finishing the first and second book within two weeks I really felt like I could accomplish anything! I find that 'Penny' is a character I can relate to on so many levels, and even though she is a fictional person, I see much of myself in her. If Penny can do the things she does with anxiety and panic attacks then why can't I?

2. Roman Atwood

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This week I came across this Vlogger in Alfie Dayes (PointlessBlog's) Videos. So I went on over and checked out this YouTuber who I have never heard of before, and instantly loved him! His motto Smile More makes it even better, I love that their little family have so much love for each other, and it just makes you want to smile, Roman always has such inspirational words to say and you can tell he adores his fans and gives them all the appreciation! The reason this vlogger has inspired me is because from watching his videos I have been able to smile more even on the worst possible days where my anxiety seems to be more difficult than I can handle. 
You can check out his vlogging channel HERE

3. Olivia Cheryl

The last person who has inspired me is a good blogger friend who I started talking to when I first started blogging about two months ago! Olivia Cheryl! I adore her blog and everything she writes about is always something I can relate to, agree with or just enjoy to read! She has helped me a lot when I have been feeling upset or anxious and I couldn't thank her enough for just being a friend. She was the first real blogger friend I had and I am very hopeful that one day we will meet up! Everyone should have at least one friend who understands what you go through and doesn't judge you for needing help! Olivia has a YouTube channel and a Blog and you can find them both by clicking on the links!

So those are the things/people who have inspired me to basically get up off my ass and do something! But also who genuinely make me happier and feel like I have one up on my anxiety! 
What inspires you to be productive? Let me know in the comments!

Little Ren x


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