Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Starbucks experience

Good evening everyone! Hope you are all well! 

I LOVE coffee, always have and most likely always will, but before I bet my batman Daniel, I had always just bought coffee granules in a jar from the local shop and made my own simple coffee. On mine and Dan's first date he took me to Starbucks, when he asked me what I wanted I really wasn't sure because I had never experienced the different blends or flavours of coffee, so I told him to surprise me, he brought me a hazelnut mocha with soy milk...I instantly fell in love! 
Every date from then onward started with a Starbucks, where each time I would try something different. It's safe say there is a special place in my heart for that little coffee shop in Swansea, but it isn't just the coffee I fell in love with, it was the staff. 
Sometimes in this world it is hard to find extremely good customer service, yes they may do their job, and be polite, but that is where the line usually stops. I got that, and a lot more from Starbucks Swansea, Okay so maybe I wouldn't invite any of the girls over for a sleepover, and maybe Dan wouldn't have a night out with the boys in there, but there is friendship there that I don't have with any other store I am a regular customer at. From the first day Dan introduced me as his girlfriend, to walking in there on my own and them not having to know my name, I know that I have a good relationship with them, and I wouldn't change it for the world 

As a regular customer there for 3 years now, there are little things that have I have noticed that make me love this coffee shop, they know my name for a start and I always get asked how I have been, they also know that I have a dog, so they ask if she has been behaving lately which is always good to bring up a conversation. Every time I ask for a takeaway paper cup, two of the girls who I see working there regularly I think their names are Charlotte and Molly, always draws a heart on my cup and even though it is something small it really puts a smile on my face. Another staff member Kieran always has a smile on his face and always makes me laugh with strange little doodles of batman and cat woman on our cups (As you can tell we really love Batman!) And last but not least Steve! The person who is always happy to see everybody! He always says a friendly hello, and always asks me how Dan is (if he is not with me) and vise versa if I am not with him. When he makes my drink and hands it over to me he always says lovely little things like "There we go sweetheart" and even though it is only little, it really makes me happy to be a customer there! These people really make the place what it is, a cosy friendly, and comfortable environment, which for someone like me who suffers with anxiety is always a bonus!

Today while we were in there, the staff at Starbucks Swansea had produced a gift, that they had decided they wanted to give to Dan, for being such a loyal customer. I know that all the Starbucks companies most likely do it for some of their loyal customers, but it still shows that friendliness and conversation goes a long way when working for an important company! 

The little hamper consists of a beautiful Christmas Starbucks mug with candy cane handle (I obviously taxed this lol) A Cinnamon spiced chocolate bar, a candy cane and a bag of their new Christmas blend that smells undeniably incredible!! 
I am so proud that I am a customer at Starbucks Swansea, and I think they deserve a lot more credit because of how great they are to their customers! They have been incredible friends over the past three years and I will always go there for my coffee! 

Little Ren xxx


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