Monday, 9 November 2015

Story Time : I'm feeling optimistic

Hello Everyone!

When I first started blogging I was adamant I wasn't going to be a blogger who broadcasts her feelings, life, personal stuff etc! But as I have been blogging for about two months now, I know that story time blogging is a must have part of my blog...because it's who I am!
Sorry for the readers who don't like lifestyle posts and prefer reviews and such, but it's what makes my blog mine, and if you don't like it don't read it...I'm sure there are thousands of other blogs you could read with topic related posts! x

Anyway This morning I woke up feeling super anxious, reason being I had a biology exam today, and after a LOT of revision but no memory I was sure I would fail! From 9:30 this morning until 1pm I crammed in as much revision as I possibly could. Looking over at my classmates who were chatting instead of revising I thought to myself "Omg! They must be super confident, what if I am the only one who needs to revise? What if they already know everything and I will be the one to fail?"
My brain does that to me more often than I like to admit, all day I was thinking that if I was the only person revising, then obviously I was going to be the only person who would struggle in the exam. Does anyone else ever get that feeling?

Our exam started at 1.05pm, our lecturer told us to get some fresh air for five minutes since it was a two hour exam and to grab a bottle of water or whatever else and return to the class room. Five minutes went by way too quick in my opinion.
After some last minute skim reading, and some very dee breaths! The exam started.

My anxiety plummeted as I opened the papers expecting the worst possible questions that I would be unable to understand or write! The kind of questions you can answer in your head but not on paper, so you end up writing some random shit and you can't even understand your own writing! Being an anxious person I started to panic so downed almost a full bottle of water. Finally I look at the first question...Oh I know this

Second Question: Oh thank god I revised this today!

Third Question: OMG I can actually label everything in the heart...How is this happening?

forth, fifth, sixth etc.....

I knew the answers to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!!

After spending the first hours spilling my brain out all over the paper, I stopped to uncramp my hand and had a quick glimpse around the classroom...I could see some people shaking their heads, staring at the same question for Ten minutes, and some just tapping their pens on the table...Obviously they underestimated the power of revision, and in some sort of selfish way, I felt good about that! Who is the foolish one now? And why was I even worried. I could see some people handing in their papers with some questions going unanswered, and at that point I felt pretty damn optimistic that I had passed this exam. And it just goes to show that even if you think you know something you should still revise just in case!

So today overall has been a very good day, now I just need to sort out an assignment that needs to be in on Thursday and I am set for this week! I think I will do just fine!

If anyone has exams or coursework or even mocks, don't stress about them! Just make sure you revise and you will be fine...and remember deep breaths!

Little Ren xxx


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