Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas tree reveal!

Hello everyone! 
Today I have decided to reveal our Christmas tree yaaaaay! We finally have it up and I was so so excited to decorate it! 
So we woke up early this morning to go and pick the tree it wasn't a big one just a little 5 ft pine tree but it smells so Christmassy. Me and my mother recently bought some very pretty Christmas decorations and yes we did have a theme, our colour scheme was gold, white glass and mauve which is a purple colour and some older decorations that we put up every year. These are some of the baubles we got for the tree: 

So these were some of the baubles that we got, the majority of them are glass which I think adds a little bit of a classy vibe to the tree! We also added some yellow tinted lights to it and it just sparkles so well! In the process of tree decorating my sister always has a way of making me laugh! One of which was when she tried to pick up the tub of baubles and the ironing board fell on her I just think that it will put a smile on your faces to see it! 
And here are a couple of photos that I really love from today 
And here is the final image of the tree once we had finished!! 
So there is my little Christmas tree and I know it's not as good as some peoples but it's the best we could do on a budget! I would love to see what Christmas trees you all have so leave some pictures in the comments or send them to my email :) 


Saturday, 5 December 2015

My winter pamper night routine

Hello Everyone!

So today's post isn't really Christmas related, but it is winter related, so kind of the same thing! I know that towards Christmas time the weather can be cold, damp, icy, windy and this can result in dry skin, illness and can make you feel rather groggy especially if you have had a long day at work, school, college and so on! So I thought I would share my winter pamper routine that brightens my evening after an eight hour shift at work, and makes me feel super comfortable and cosy!

First I throw off all of my clothes and chuck on some scruffy pyjamas! I sort my work clothes into washing piles and tidy up my bag, then I run a bath. I have been loving Imperial Leather's "Field of dreams" moisturising bath cream, it smells amazing and leaves your skin super soft in the bath, also it makes the best bubbles!

Once the Bath has run I take my simple Skin care make up cleansing wipes and take off all the make up from the day. You should never get into a hot bath with make up on it is NOT good for your skin. 

I then tie back my hair and pin back my fringe or Bangs as some people call them, and take off my make up. After I have done this I then get my Clearasil superfruit face cleanser and, cleans my face with warm water before hopping into the bath, just to make sure every inch of make up has been removed from my face. This facial cleanser smells incredible, just like grapefruit and apples, it is also super refreshing and wakes you up a little!

After I have cleansed my face I get into the bath and relax, I usually take my phone into the bath and catch up on the latest blog posts and twitter chats, also catching up on YouTube videos from my favourite vloggers! Recently I have been LOVING Spa Sanctuary's Glacial scrub, it is super ex-foliating and leaves my skin really soft and smelling fresh.

Once I am out of the bath I moisturise my skin just to make sure that it stays hydrated in the cold weather, so another thing from Sanctuary spa that has pulled on my heart strings is the moisture spray, normally with moisturisers I find that my skin feels too wet afterwards and I kind of have to air dry before putting on my pyjamas but thank the lord for this little gem! It is a spray as oppose to a cream and you just spritz it onto your skin and rub in quickly, it leaves your skin soft and hydrated but there is no wetness left afterwards! For £2.50 you can't go wrong!

Once I have moisturised I find the cosiest onesie I can find and chuck it on! My penguin onesie is one of my favourites and I just find it soft, cosy and super cute!

After I have got all cosy and chucked my slippers on I always head downstairs and make a good cup of tea in my festive mug that Starbucks generously gave to me! 

And I sit by the fire and watch TV and who better to snuggle up with than my little wiggle butt Belle!!

So here that is basically my winter pamper routine! Let me know what you do to unwind in winter and get all cosy!


Friday, 4 December 2015

My Christmas Traditions

Happy Blogmas Day 2! 

Every year I go through the same old traditions that NEVER get old! Christmas is my favourite time of year and every year I look forward to going through the same Christmas rules and traditions of my household. 

Christmas shopping for the pooch

On the 1st of December every year me and my mum have made the tradition of going shopping for the dogs, we class the dogs as part of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way. We shop for a Christmas stocking, some dog friendly chocolates for fillers, bundles of toys, an advent calander and chewies and finally a lovely soft and festive dog blanket. They will all be wrapped in huge amounts of wrapping paper so that the dogs can rip them open (Their favourite part). Unfortunately this year we lost our beloved big bear KO but we still have Belle so we have to make sure she gets lots of attention as it will be her first Christmas without her fellow fur friend. I also saw a gorgeous Festive jumper for Belle and couldn't resist buying it for her to wear throughout December!

Doesn't she look ADORABLE!!

Christmas Movies

Since my sister was little I decided I would make my own tradition for Christmas with her, so she had something to look forward to! So I decided that every night up until Christmas Eve we would watch 1 Christmas movie, this included festive pyjamas, a soft fluffy blanket or throw, hot chocolate with some fruit (My mum never allowed sweets and as we got older the fruit kind of just stuck) and we would snuggle up and watch Christmas films. Not an amazing Christmas tradition but I was 10 years old at the time and wanted to make sure my sister was happy, she is 14 now and still LOVES it.

Muppets Christmas Carol

This tradition was made almost 4 years ago when me and Batman first got together. Every Christmas eve we would watch the Muppets Christmas Carol and wear our onesies snuggled up in the bedroom, we would take ridiculous photos and just have a fun time! Again  not an exciting tradition but one that has just stuck!

Boxing Day

Foe years in my family my nana has created the tradition that boxing day she would host her very own Christmas Day. Since the majority of my immediate family are in the forces they never made it home for Christmas day, but almost always came home on Boxing day, so my nan would put on a huge spread boxing day and give our her presents to each of us all together. This is my favourite Christmas Tradition because it means I can spend time with all of my family together since I don't get to see them often. But it is also the little things I love. Being a part of a military family can be difficult, stressful and worrying but getting to see them safe and sound on Boxing day is something I LOVE!

My immediate cousins and my sister (I'm the one in the blue top) My sister is on the end. As huge and hideous as I look I truly love this bunch of good looking idiots! 

So there are some of my Christmas traditions let me know what yours are and why you love them in the comments below! 

Merry Blogmas! 


Wednesday, 2 December 2015


So I have only been blogging for 3 months now but I am so excited to do Blogmas! I will be posting everyday until the 26th December, the reason I will be posting until boxing day as oppose to Christmas day is because Boxing day for my family acts as a second Christmas, we all gather together over one of our houses (We change hosts every year) and exchange gifts an have a party.
My blog will be filled with Christmas photos, gift ideas, hauls and so many more festive things! Since this is my first Blogmas post I will be listing all of the things I look forward to and love about Christmas! 

1. Christmas scented candles (A personal fave is festive spice from Next)

2. Tacky Christmas jumpers

3. Festive flavours in Starbucks (Honey and Almond YUM)

4. Christmas Stalls in the City Centre

5. Going out and choosing the Christmas tree

6. Buying the decorations and decorating the tree

7. Shopping for gifts

8. Your never too old for a good old advent calendar

9. Fairy lights

10. Muppets Christmas Carols!!!!

11. My nans home made Christmas walnut cake!

12. Sending Christmas cards

13. Christmas Eve Onesie tradition

14. Fluffy festive socks

15. Exchanging gifts on Christmas day

16. Taking Belle for a Christmas day walk with Batman

17. Obviously Christmas Dinner at my nans house!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing about the Christmas season is! Look forward to hearing your reasons!