Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas tree reveal!

Hello everyone! 
Today I have decided to reveal our Christmas tree yaaaaay! We finally have it up and I was so so excited to decorate it! 
So we woke up early this morning to go and pick the tree it wasn't a big one just a little 5 ft pine tree but it smells so Christmassy. Me and my mother recently bought some very pretty Christmas decorations and yes we did have a theme, our colour scheme was gold, white glass and mauve which is a purple colour and some older decorations that we put up every year. These are some of the baubles we got for the tree: 

So these were some of the baubles that we got, the majority of them are glass which I think adds a little bit of a classy vibe to the tree! We also added some yellow tinted lights to it and it just sparkles so well! In the process of tree decorating my sister always has a way of making me laugh! One of which was when she tried to pick up the tub of baubles and the ironing board fell on her I just think that it will put a smile on your faces to see it! 
And here are a couple of photos that I really love from today 
And here is the final image of the tree once we had finished!! 
So there is my little Christmas tree and I know it's not as good as some peoples but it's the best we could do on a budget! I would love to see what Christmas trees you all have so leave some pictures in the comments or send them to my email :) 


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