Wednesday, 2 December 2015


So I have only been blogging for 3 months now but I am so excited to do Blogmas! I will be posting everyday until the 26th December, the reason I will be posting until boxing day as oppose to Christmas day is because Boxing day for my family acts as a second Christmas, we all gather together over one of our houses (We change hosts every year) and exchange gifts an have a party.
My blog will be filled with Christmas photos, gift ideas, hauls and so many more festive things! Since this is my first Blogmas post I will be listing all of the things I look forward to and love about Christmas! 

1. Christmas scented candles (A personal fave is festive spice from Next)

2. Tacky Christmas jumpers

3. Festive flavours in Starbucks (Honey and Almond YUM)

4. Christmas Stalls in the City Centre

5. Going out and choosing the Christmas tree

6. Buying the decorations and decorating the tree

7. Shopping for gifts

8. Your never too old for a good old advent calendar

9. Fairy lights

10. Muppets Christmas Carols!!!!

11. My nans home made Christmas walnut cake!

12. Sending Christmas cards

13. Christmas Eve Onesie tradition

14. Fluffy festive socks

15. Exchanging gifts on Christmas day

16. Taking Belle for a Christmas day walk with Batman

17. Obviously Christmas Dinner at my nans house!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing about the Christmas season is! Look forward to hearing your reasons!


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