Friday, 4 December 2015

My Christmas Traditions

Happy Blogmas Day 2! 

Every year I go through the same old traditions that NEVER get old! Christmas is my favourite time of year and every year I look forward to going through the same Christmas rules and traditions of my household. 

Christmas shopping for the pooch

On the 1st of December every year me and my mum have made the tradition of going shopping for the dogs, we class the dogs as part of our family and we wouldn't have it any other way. We shop for a Christmas stocking, some dog friendly chocolates for fillers, bundles of toys, an advent calander and chewies and finally a lovely soft and festive dog blanket. They will all be wrapped in huge amounts of wrapping paper so that the dogs can rip them open (Their favourite part). Unfortunately this year we lost our beloved big bear KO but we still have Belle so we have to make sure she gets lots of attention as it will be her first Christmas without her fellow fur friend. I also saw a gorgeous Festive jumper for Belle and couldn't resist buying it for her to wear throughout December!

Doesn't she look ADORABLE!!

Christmas Movies

Since my sister was little I decided I would make my own tradition for Christmas with her, so she had something to look forward to! So I decided that every night up until Christmas Eve we would watch 1 Christmas movie, this included festive pyjamas, a soft fluffy blanket or throw, hot chocolate with some fruit (My mum never allowed sweets and as we got older the fruit kind of just stuck) and we would snuggle up and watch Christmas films. Not an amazing Christmas tradition but I was 10 years old at the time and wanted to make sure my sister was happy, she is 14 now and still LOVES it.

Muppets Christmas Carol

This tradition was made almost 4 years ago when me and Batman first got together. Every Christmas eve we would watch the Muppets Christmas Carol and wear our onesies snuggled up in the bedroom, we would take ridiculous photos and just have a fun time! Again  not an exciting tradition but one that has just stuck!

Boxing Day

Foe years in my family my nana has created the tradition that boxing day she would host her very own Christmas Day. Since the majority of my immediate family are in the forces they never made it home for Christmas day, but almost always came home on Boxing day, so my nan would put on a huge spread boxing day and give our her presents to each of us all together. This is my favourite Christmas Tradition because it means I can spend time with all of my family together since I don't get to see them often. But it is also the little things I love. Being a part of a military family can be difficult, stressful and worrying but getting to see them safe and sound on Boxing day is something I LOVE!

My immediate cousins and my sister (I'm the one in the blue top) My sister is on the end. As huge and hideous as I look I truly love this bunch of good looking idiots! 

So there are some of my Christmas traditions let me know what yours are and why you love them in the comments below! 

Merry Blogmas! 


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