Thursday, 18 February 2016

10 Reasons why you should NEVER own a boxer

Loyalty, playful, devoted, friendly, calm and brave. I suppose these are some of the words to describe the clown breed of the dog word...Boxers. In life I believe a person has never experienced true love, if they have never owned a boxer. Dopey, slobbery, affectionate and playful, BUT do not be fooled, below these funny looking animals is a dark side, and so I give to you, 10 reasons why you should never own a boxer!

1. They are NOT cute    

2.No seriously...Not cute at all

3. They only care about themselves

4. They hate going to the park

5. They will never make you laugh

6. They hate selfies 

7. Boxers hate sharing

8. They never give kisses 

9. They hate the holidays

10. They will steal your heart

Even after their gone...

These are just the few reasons you should never own a boxer...The most, loyal, devoted and lovable breed of dog. Seriously, if you don't want unconditional love, or a permanent broken heart after their gone...Don't get one. 



Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Arm Day and first ever photo reveal

My ambition to become healthy has been an on and off situation where I do it for two weeks then give up! Not this time. I have got into a routine where I am comfortable and happy, plus I'm seeing results already! I am here today to share with you my Arm day workout routine! This particular routine is repeated 3 times and is done every Tuesday until i find it too easy then I change it up a bit other wise it's not really working. 

So I normally dress up in all my workout gear to get myself truly motivated, this top and yoga pants are from primark and so is my sports bra. I am wearing my Adidas running shoes and have my dumbells handy. Also I would like to point out this is the first EVER photo I have shared of my full body and what it looks like, but in order for people to believe in my and for me to believe in myself and see a difference I have to dip my toe in and share this! I know it will give me a new found confidence and I think it needs to be done so I can truly focus on getting healthy, no nasty comments please this is hard enough for me to do!

What I look like now! 

Workout routine x3 

Press ups x10 

Plank x20s 

Mountain climbers x10 each leg 

Triceps dips x10 

Squat press x10

Plank jacks x10 

Repeat set 3 times! 

This workout may not seem like much but it's a hell of an improved routine over what I used to do, I can feel strength again and I know soon even this workout will be too easy for me. I am so unfit it's unreal but I think with my newly created fitness routines that suit me and not just routines that I have attempted by others and failed, I will be well on my way to being the fittest I can be!

Stay Healthy!


Monday, 8 February 2016

January favourites

Good evening to you good people! 

There is a first time for everything! So what better time than to start a favourites post every month! I know I'm a bit late for the January favourites but I have to start somewhere! This post will include all of the things I have been loving during the month of January! im so excited to share these things with you! I'm always looking for ways to express who I am and make sure my blog is as personal as possible so this way is just perfect! 
So without any more interruptions from myself, here are my January favourites! 

First up we have nail are items, I have never normally been into doing anything with my nails because I used to think that it took way too long and that I could never get them quite as perfect as my friends could get them, mine were always so messy ha! But with practice I began to enjoy the nail spoiling process! 
First  up we have false nails, these nails are dazzle nails, I don't know if they have a proper name or not but their called dazzle nails and the ones I have been loving are these beautiful pink glitter nails which are just super pretty and very subtle, and also these dark green/turquoise nails that just have a small shine to them But make more of a statement when I'm out! So so pretty I adore these nails!

Next up with nail varnish is the L.A colours, colour craze nail polish! I have so many colours of these I have lost count but the three I have been loving recently from left to right are, candy sprinkles, beach babe and Live. Such beautiful colours, perfect for dolling up for a night out of adding some extra colour to an outfit you have! I really love L.A colours, I find they don't chip as easy as some others and the colour last so long!

Next up we have lips! There is only one thing that I have really fallen in love with recently and it's the Lush cosmetics lip scrub 'The Kiss' I have been loving this so so much! The bubblegum one I had has unfortunately run out and up until now that was my go to scrub, but now even though it's limited edition this has to be my new favourite lip scrub by lush! The edible hearts just make it so so beautiful!!
Another item from lush I have been loving is the Pearl massage bar, not only does it smell incredibly fresh and floral, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and moisturised! 

From massage bars to bath bombs! This particular one is from Holland and barret and it's the lavender bath bomb! The reason I have loved this so much is because I've been suffering with a lot of headaches recently and this bath bomb has helped smooth it amazingly! Once I'm out of the bath my headache is gone, plus it just smells incredible! 

I haven't always been a person who has used hand cream, I used to think of it as pointless and just time consuming, but I have come to realise that in this horrid freezing cold weather my hands have looked horrific! Their dry and feel just very rough so I started using a hand cream that was bought for me for Christmas! And this is the white grace luxury hand cream and honestly it smells incredible! And leaves my hands feeling normal and healthy and super hydrated again! Now I don't go anywhere without it!

Two other skin care items I have been loving, especially to use in the morning is the sanctuary spa green lemon and orange blossom body wash and moisturiser! The amazing scents that comes from these products just wake you up and really get you in a good morning mood! I have mentioned these before but I have to again because I just love them and I mean who doesn't want to smell like an orange!

I am in love with rose gold and these are just perfection! Two rose gold tweezers and a rose gold compact mirror to match! What could be better...their from primark. Yes it got better! These items literally cost me £5 all together and they work really well! The tweezers come with one normal and one fine to really shape your brows and this little compact mirror is perfect for travelling!

JUMPERS! I am obsessed with jumpers, especially in January weather you need a good jumper! These are both from new look and were on sale "yay!" One is a lush maroon and black colour while the other is just simple and light grey! I love the little buttons on the grey jumper I think it makes it look more feminine and also they are super soft, not itchy at all which is a problem I have had in the past, but also they keep you nice and warm in the wind!

So there are my January favourites! Sorry about the quality of some photos! I really need a camera! Let me know your faves in the comments!