Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Arm Day and first ever photo reveal

My ambition to become healthy has been an on and off situation where I do it for two weeks then give up! Not this time. I have got into a routine where I am comfortable and happy, plus I'm seeing results already! I am here today to share with you my Arm day workout routine! This particular routine is repeated 3 times and is done every Tuesday until i find it too easy then I change it up a bit other wise it's not really working. 

So I normally dress up in all my workout gear to get myself truly motivated, this top and yoga pants are from primark and so is my sports bra. I am wearing my Adidas running shoes and have my dumbells handy. Also I would like to point out this is the first EVER photo I have shared of my full body and what it looks like, but in order for people to believe in my and for me to believe in myself and see a difference I have to dip my toe in and share this! I know it will give me a new found confidence and I think it needs to be done so I can truly focus on getting healthy, no nasty comments please this is hard enough for me to do!

What I look like now! 

Workout routine x3 

Press ups x10 

Plank x20s 

Mountain climbers x10 each leg 

Triceps dips x10 

Squat press x10

Plank jacks x10 

Repeat set 3 times! 

This workout may not seem like much but it's a hell of an improved routine over what I used to do, I can feel strength again and I know soon even this workout will be too easy for me. I am so unfit it's unreal but I think with my newly created fitness routines that suit me and not just routines that I have attempted by others and failed, I will be well on my way to being the fittest I can be!

Stay Healthy!


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