Saturday, 19 November 2016

My experience at Voltaire

Good morning everyone!

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far, mine has been pretty quiet but lovely!

While I was vegetarian I always knew there were lots of food options for me at various restaurants so I never really had to worry about eating out with friends. However, recently turning vegan made me realise that if I was to have lunch with friends outside of the flat I would have to find a place that catered for the vegan lifestyle.
After some searching I found the Bangor University Vegetarian and Vegan society, naturally I joined and a small restaurant was mentioned that was strictly vegan with some vegetarian options.
After organising a dinner date with two of my friends, we decided on a little restaurant called Voltaire.

Upon entering the restaurant, we noticed a peaceful ambience about the place. Dimmed lights and jazz music made this small place super cosy and welcoming.

One of the things I really enjoyed were the little quotes written on the chalkboard wall.

This wall also had some information such as which celebrities were vegan and also included which past known or famous people were vegan too, the board covered in just overall cute little quotes that made the experience even more enjoyable!

The single bulbs hanging from the ceiling above each table made for an overall calming experience, me and my friends couldn't stop smiling at how homely it felt to be in Voltaire. 
The rest of the walls were covered in skateboards, and artwork finished off with the 'Day of the Dead' decorations to really give it that rustic feel. The tables were lined with candles and if anyone knows me they know a good candle will always brighten my mood! 

Now onto the food! 

The menu was incredible! From burgers to burritos, hummus and curry, anything that would tickle your fancy would be provided for you but without the horrible animal products included! Me and my friend Hannah ordered the 'Desperado burger' which was a burger topped with five bean chilli, jalapenos and tortillas with a side of chips and salad. The burger itself cost £10 BUT for the size it was and what it came with it was a pretty reasonable price and none of us were complaining! Chris ordered the 'Bangor's Best Bangers and Mash' which was a large serving (Made him very happy). 

The portion sizes were amazing and the food itself was super tasty, out of all the veggie burgers I have tried this one by far takes the top! I was full half way through, but it taste so good that I had to soldier on and finish this bad boy!

The staff were super helpful and very friendly, they made the experience of Voltaire very pleasant and I thank them for their outstanding customer service! 

I think overall Voltaire will be one restaurant I will eat at maybe once a week! Everything about it was so comfortable and welcoming, with some relaxing jazz music in the background our little friend date was an extremely enjoyable time! 

Both of the people who came with me to Voltaire are not vegetarian nor vegan, however they cleared their plates and thought the food was incredible, even they have asked to go again. 
If you ever visit Bangor and are looking for a vegan restaurant, please take the time to visit Voltaire - You will not be disappointed!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies! 

Renee x


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