Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas #1 | Going home for Christmas

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all excited about Christmas as much as I am! It's sort of a shame i'm not staying at uni for Christmas- I would have loved to have decorated my bedroom, since I am not back at Bangor until the 22nd January there isn't much point!

Today has been kind of a dull day, since I haven't been sleeping very much because it wouldn't be university without a little bit of stress and pressure to get some work done. But I won't bore you!
I will be leaving Bangor and jumping on a train to Swansea on the 16th December and spend five weeks with my incredible family!
This will be the first year I haven't been there to help with the decorations and all the festive fun stuff, however my mother has taken it upon herself to go to town on our house and turn it into a winter wonderland!

This makes me super excited to go home, only two weeks and i'm there! My mum has sent me snapchats and camera photos of our living room to give me a sense of what returning home will include! And I love it. Tinsel, a huge Christmas tree decorated beautifully, baubles and pom poms, boxes and stockings its all wonderful and my mother really outdid herself this year! I won't sit here rambling on too much, but my first Blogmas post will consist of a couple of snapshots of our living room to show you how much love and effort my mother has when it comes to Christmas.

Yes I threw in a photo of Belle - it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't!

Do any of you have photographs of you're Christmas decorations? Or do you think it's too soon? haha! If you have some I would love to see them!

Renee x


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