Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dealing with illness - Weightloss Jourey

Hello beautiful readers!

I hope you are all having a lovely lazy Sunday and are relaxing ready for the week ahead!

For the last week or so I have been unable to continue with my journey at the level I am used to, and this obviously sucks, but I also know that listening to my body is essential for efficient recovery! My illness has involved me being unable to eat for the past five days unless it was an apple or a tangerine, this was so upsetting for me because I frigging love food! (Cries silently into pillow).

ANYWAY - This is the part where it may be TMI for some so apologies for that but basically for the last 7 days I have been struggling terribly with my stomach aka....Bowel probs. I have been unable to use the bathroom properly which caused me significant pain within my abdomen and resulted in me vomiting throughout the day and spending my time rocking back and forth willing the pain to leave.
Obviously not knowing what was going on I was told to visit the hospital because there could be a bowel obstruction and anyone knows that isn't good a good thing and can be extremely serious. Long story short I was given an x-ray and some pain meds and an obstruction was ruled out (THANK GOD).

But for the last week I have still struggled with the pain and have been unable to participate in my normal routine at the gym, Although at first I was extremely frustrated with the fact that my routine was completely messed up I know now that it's for the best until I feel myself again. It can be so difficult to have a routine that is working for you and then have it messed up by illness, but it can't be helped, and pushing myself would have only made me worse.
I am hoping that tomorrow will be the day I am able to start back at the gym first thing in the morning and just ease myself slowly into my ritual, I will be posting a day's routine here as soon as I am fully recovered but for now I thought I would talk about the specific things I did to keep me sane and help me recover from my illness nightmare!


Obviously the gym was ruled out completely because of the amount of pain I was in but getting in some sort of exercise was crucial to me to ensure I didn't feel like I had let myself down completely. Meditation and some light Yoga really helped me this past week, and I really think it helped with my mental health too, being able to breathe through the pain and cope with it was such a relief, I would recommend meditation to anyone! Yoga really helped with maintaining some sort of exercise routine without pushing myself too hard, and it definitely helped me with my boredom.

As for food there was nothing I didn't already eat that would have helped me, Considering I already eat a high fibre diet due to being a vegan there was very little food that I could think of to help my digestion. I just made sure that I ate loads of fruit, apples and tangerines especially, they weren't too heavy on my stomach and helped me stay alert throughout the day and feel less groggy!

WATER WATER WATER - I say it all the time, water helps everything! It helped my digestion ten fold and also helped keep me hydrated when I was being sick often. It helped calm my stomach through the horrible hunger pains I was feeling and really made me alert during the day.

The most obvious thing in this list I left until last - yup you probably guessed it...laxatives! Hey I have no shame, everyone needs this at some point in their life I guess! However these weren't fast working ones, they worked slow and overnight which I preferred because I didn't want to rely on taking loads just to gain some relief.

As for my pass times, I read books and magazines and blogs, mainly social media to keep me informed and up to date on other people's journeys! It's always good to support people even if you don't really know them!

That's all from me - just please remember that just because you have to stop working out and eating properly for a while it doesn't mean you have failed, I have learned this, listen to your body since it knows best, and I hope anyone who is suffering with an illness makes a quick recovery!

Renee xx


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