Sunday, 12 February 2017

Whoever is listening

Hello beautiful readers!

Once again I have found the task of writing blog posts frequently extremely difficult to stick to.
Not that anyone in particular reads my posts but I know deep down my posts will help me during dark times so I should be sticking with them as often as I can.

This post isn't about anything in particular, I guess I am working on getting something out every week, even if it's just for myself, I don't want my blog to die, I worked too hard on getting it up and running to let it fade away to a useless webpage.
There are many things that can lead someone who seems perfectly happy and perfectly normal into the darkest times you can imagine, for me recently there are a few reasons I have felt utterly ....Bleh.

The lack of money at university, it is incredibly difficult to find a job here, Bangor is such a small place that barley anyone is hiring and, we all know student loans really don't get you far!

The fact that I am so far from home, this has been an increasingly upsetting factor for me. I miss my friend's, I miss my old job, I miss family (The ones who actually BOTHER with me) and I miss my town. I have found uni life here very lonely, I have 2 friends in total here, no money to socialise, and extremely little communication with my own flat...basically none at all. I stay in my room all day except when I am at the gym or at lectures, other than that, it's just me. Alone.

Times were getting so difficult that I would sit and cry whenever the night came, but for now I have made sure that I take my life into my own hands and prepare to make my life better, instead of settling for what I have, This is why I have decided to set up my own YouTube Channel, this is to document my weight loss journey and to act as a sort of diary for myself to make sure I am not straying from my good progress.
Next I have decided to get the ball rolling on a university transfer closer to home, it will help with both my happiness overall and also my financial situation since I can possibly get my old job back.

I have taken more time to myself to read, study and work on my health, meditation has become a huge part of my life recently and I always do it when I wake in the morning to get me ready to face my day. This year is going so fast that I am getting more and more nervous about what my future holds, but I have a few things in my head planned but if I share them I may jinx myself...sorry.

Anyway I hope whoever is reading this takes time to themselves, your health and your happiness should always come first.

I'm not sure anyone is, but if you are reading, thank you.

Renee x


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