Saturday, 3 June 2017

June Goals & Bod Squad Buds

Hello everyone!

Yes it's me! I haven't blogged in so long and I always say "I promise I will be consistent" well apologies for failing once again! As much as I am disfunctional and unorganised I swear I do love my blog and I will always come back to it!

First of all, June goals - I have decided that at the beginning of every month I will upload my goals, people may want to see what I aim to do but mainly they are there to keep me on track and to guilt me into sticking with them...since everyone can see them I am now held accountable.

Goals for June 

Increase my water intake

Run 1k without feeling the need to stop and take a break (yes I am that unfit)

Reach 12,000 steps every day of this month

Smile more often

They maybe small to some of you but to me they are huge and they will be quite an achievement if I manage to fulfil them. The smile more one speaks for itself, I don't smile very often and that needs to change - I already know that September will be the start of some amazing things for me, I also know that until I am out of my household I will never truly feel happy or free. But for now I'm trying to look at everything in a positive light, after all it's only a few months until I fly the next and feel like the adult that I am.

Onto the Bod Squad! I set up a brand new instagram under the name of 'reneegetsthinner' so I could document and log my weight loss journey so that I can once again, be held accountable and also to become inspired and meet people in the same boat as me. One person in particular who has lost over 130lbs is a girl who goes by the name 'jordanshrinks' I have followed her for a long time both on my new instal and also my old one and have been inspired by her everyday! She created a group on Facebook called the 'Bod Squad' and was kind enough to accept me into it. The amount of people I have talked to and met is unreal, and most of them started their journeys around the same time as me, they understand my food addiction and help me when I'm struggling, I have spoke to people who love half way across the world from me who have been super supportive. The struggle can be real, but knowing there are a bunch of people who are going through the same thing is incredible. And I have Jordan to thank for that...her instagram is linked in with her name check her out she is amazing.

With the help of both the Bod squad and my monthly goals I'm hopeing I will become the person I know I can be, I just need to remember that my situation right now isn't forever, and I've started making progress into changing my life, saving money, making sure I keep my diary and also keeping a food diary is helping a lot! So many adventures, so many friends...I'm so thankful in this moment for everything.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I promise I will most more...I swear I will!!




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