Thursday, 15 June 2017

SCORPIO REVIEW | Jeffree Star liquid lipstick

Hello beauties!

It has been so so long since I have written a beauty related post, longer than I can actually remember, so I thought it was about time that I did one, I love beauty products, make up etc and I feel like I don't write about them or review them enough and I really want to start bringing the beauty element back into my blog so what better way to kick start it than to write a lipstick review!

Purchasing Jeffree Star products is not something I can afford to do very often, in fact I NEVER purchase his stuff for myself, I always save up and purchase Jeffree Star's products for my younger sister, she is obsessed with him and his make up range and is super talented when it comes to make up so I would much rather buy them for her....and then we can share (oops).

When browsing through Jeffree's website to look for purchases I normally look for the things I know she will like as we both have different tastes, on this occasion however I came across a liquid lipstick that I know we would both use and both absolutely LOVE! The lipstick colour is called 'Scorpio' and I will link it in this post for anyone who wants it.

The colour

This colour is quite simply the most beautiful colour I have ever seen! As it states on his website "It's like grey and purple made love" I feel that vibe.
Almost a mauve purple the colour itself may not seem like an everyday lip colour however it would be stunning with a black sassy outfit on a night out or a lovely pale summer dress - honestly you could make this work and look fabulous!

The packaging

I adore Jeffree Star's packaging on all of his products, not only that but for the price you are paying the sizes of his products and the amount that's included it completely worth it! The clear bottle it a must in seeing the colour you are getting - I love lipsticks that you don't have to open to clearly see the colour, I'm lazy okay! But the pink top and wand with the chrome writing and stars is just beautiful, it's one of those products that you carry with you everywhere and can't wait to show off to everyone you know because the packaging is so pretty!

On the lips

The first thing I noticed while applying this product is that the consistency is super creamy and super soft. The wand was also extremely soft and small so it was easy to apply to my lips, I can struggle sometimes because my lips aren't exactly the plumpest around. While swiping the product over my lips the pigmentation was insane, I love heavily pigmented lipsticks especially in the unusual colours you find and this one did not disappoint. Once Scorpio was on my lips immediately I could tell how moisturising it was on my lips, which can be hard to get when conducting a formula - Sometimes I find that the liquid lipsticks can dry out my lips pretty badly.


I wore Scorpio on date night with Daniel and the only thing that went wrong was when I was eating food - BUT this pretty much happens with loads of lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, no one can help that!  Luckily I had it on hand in my bag for a top it. After wearing it all day I found that it stayed on for the majority of the day and was super happy with how well it wears. Not only is the colour stunning but the creaminess and the wear I got out of it makes paying shipping for this product totally worth it! I would highly recommend this lipstick to anyone and it truly does look beautiful on the lips!

Thank you for taking the time to read my little blog - I am super happy with how it is turning out, if you have a blog leave a comment in the comment section with the link and I will mosey on over and take a look. Don't forget to follow my blog and remember you are all beautiful!



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